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This is where I enter "stuff" about me for you to read. I have had no training as an artist other than life.
I was born in 1959 in Lousiana. Our family moved to Southern California in the mid 60's. I can remember at  age 5 my father putting my brother and I over a wall to be watched by a kindly old woman. She had cookies and coloring books and I do recall  Mrs. Higgins suggestion that I draw the lines and not worry about staying inside them. That is what I am doing with this project. Draw the Line. Hey, that's an Aerosmith Album from my teenage years.My grandson,Christopher, is not finding this logical. And that is perfectly dandy with me. I hope you enjoy your visit to the magical forest of the TREE Project. Please feel free to leave some logical comments dear travelers. peace and TREE ON!! RIII

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